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Day 365 0f 365!!!

I was surprised to see this plant bloom today, and I thought it was a fitting last photo for my 365 day blog.

The year photo journal has been fun, and I have realized a few things - with cold temperatures for a good part of the year, most of my photos are taken out of a window, and my life really revolves around things at our home.
Thanks for sharing the experience with me. Now I am going to concentrate on my main blog.


Day 364

I thought the colour of the sky and the outlines of the trees was so pretty.


Day 363

I started sewing together the blocks of the double wedding ring quilt.


Day 361

I am almost finished piecing the 'football' shapes for the double wedding ring quilt.


Day 360

Our home January 2015.

I am pleased that I took photos of our home at the same time each month for a year.
From the 12 photos I have learned that there is snow in 6 of the photos (6 months of winter! - I don't know why this is shocking to me, but it is), and 4 of the photos had annuals in the garden (no frost - this I found pleasantly surprising), that left one photo for spring and one photo for fall.
A good year!


Day 358

I love winter, but it would be better if I didn't have to drive.
I am not even the one driving here!


Day 357

It is rare to see the two rabbits eating peacefully together, usually they are chasing each other away.


Day 356

My husband has a new employer (where he works has been sold twice in less than two years - along with some closures and transfers, there has been lots of changes for him), and today was a 'welcome to the new company', so he came home with a bag of goodies they manufacture. The maple milk was delicious!


Day 355

This weekend I cut out all the fabric to piece a lap sized, double wedding ring quilt.


Day 352

 From this,
to this!
Ready for knitting a sweater.
I recently found out that the Pantone 2015 Colour of the Year is an earthy red like the centre skein (in real life).


Day 351

An interesting frost 'sculpture' on the furnace vent.


Day 350

 The full moon before sunrise this morning,

and the sunset this evening.


Day 349

We watched an exciting World Junior Hockey championship game between Canada and Russia - Canada won gold in the 5-4 game.

Third skein finished.


Day 348

The partridges are trying to stay warm in the -30℃ temperatures.
This is the small flock.

Second skein!


Day 345

Happy New Year!

One of my goals this year is to knit a hand dyed, hand spun sweater - today I dyed the fibre.
About 400g (16oz) of merino wool that I divided into 5 bundles and gradationally dyed.
The plan is for the sweater to be light at the top and progressively darker towards the bottom.
In real life the colours are more red (of course!).