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Day 191

I wouldn't let the neighbour's cat go on the table when I was having lunch today. Later on I saw that he was enjoying the table by himself!


Day 189

Another favourite flower - this one is a Raspberry Ripple Geranium that I have had for a few years (I bring it in for the winter).

It is one plant with different colour flowers.


Day 188

Another favourite flower - Night Scented Stocks, they only open at night, but have the most incredible fragrance!


Day 187

All the day lilies are beautiful, but I really love this one.


Day 185

The mid season day lilies have started blooming.


Day 184

Some creatures I found in my yard today -

Baby Sparrow


Day 183

10 yards of wood chips spread today! Now for some trees.


Day 182

The edging and fire pit went in today.


Day 181

We started a landscaping project today (this is the 'before', hopefully the 'after' will be at the end of the week!).


Day 180

We went to the local zoo today.

The reason for going was that a new exhibit opened recently - 'Journey to Churchill' (a city in the northern part of our province, in the Arctic).

This Arctic Fox seemed to be just trying to find a way to escape (the wolves already dug into the Polar Bear exhibit!).

We only saw one Polar Bear (there are three altogether). The new exhibit has beautiful, large pools of water, with tunnels for people to walk through, and we were hoping to see the Polar Bears swimming, hopefully next time (here is link for a news site with videos).

A close view (he was waiting for a treat).

Musk Ox on the hill.

This seal was swimming upside down in one of the pools. There were originally with the polar bears, but were scared of them!

Of course there were lots of Canada geese around.

Lots more animals in other parts of the zoo -

a sloth

box of snakes

bison, with an unusual white bison

This cougar was stalking a young child.

It was a lovely way to spend the morning with my family!


Day 178

A thunderstorm whipped through this evening.

It started with a bit of hail (rare for us).


Day 177

Poppies and dill in the herb garden.


Day 175

Our home, July 2014.

The next pictures are a reminder for me in the winter- 


Day 174

I spent a lovely day teaching free motion quilting to a group of talented women.


Day 173

A pair of American Goldfinches.
(It was pouring rain outside and the window was dripping with water, so not the best picture.)


Day 172

My son got a good deal on a 'fixer-up' bike, and after a lot of work he was finally able to get it running to try it out this evening.


Day 171

A good day to clean the windows (and a lot more things!).


Day 170

Finished hand spun yarn (silk and merino from New Zealand!).
I want to try making a true moebius cowl (similar to this).


Day 169

Crazy weather, but interesting clouds.