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Day 222

Epsom salts seemed to have really worked on the roses - I have never seen so many blooms on this rose bush.


Day 219

We went to see Wicked today (it was amazing!).


Day 218

Lovely and warm, after days of cold and rain. 
It is amazing how the grass is all green again.


Day 216

 Playing with colours!

That became this - always a pleasant surprise.


Day 215

We went to a local park in Winnipeg this weekend (Assiniboine Park)-

Small door, oversized chair.

Frogs playing instruments.

I liked how the vines were held up over the plants.

The original Winnie the Pooh was named by the owner for Winnipeg.

Ox and Red River Cart (the way this area was settled).

Day 214

We were surprised to see a flock of pelicans flying over the house today.


Day 213

We took a bike ride in the new development in our village (it is doubling the size of the village).


Day 212

More rain, and it is supposed to rain until Monday.

We went into the city to buy milk and there was a lot more water (the grocery store was even closed due to flooding). Weeks with no rain, and now lots!

Hopefully things will be fine for the farmers.


Day 210

The first tomatoes of the summer!
These are small Italian tomatoes.


Day 208

I spray painted an old metal table today (I should have taken a before picture - it was very chipped and rusty, it is over 50 years old). It will be ready to put back together tomorrow.


Day 207

After weeks of waiting for parts and doing repairs, he was happy to have his bike roadworthy again.


Day 206

A bit of rain today, big drops - just enough to wet the ground. 
It was 34℃ today and the drops were drying up on the patio right away.


Day 205

Our home - August 2014

A couple of weeks with no rain, things are getting dry, but we have been enjoying a lovely hot summer (lots of pictures, because it doesn't last long!).


Day 200


With a wonderful day in between! 
Wow, 200 days of photos!