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Day 98

I started a new project - a 'Storm at Sea' lap  quilt.


Day 97

When I started taking these melting snow pictures I thought it would take about 2 weeks. It has been over 3 weeks!

This drift is still a few feet deep (my son dug out a cross section), so we still have a long way to go.


Day 95

My three men were moving the snow around, trying to get it to melt faster.

Later in the day it looked like this.


Day 94

We woke up to this!

It was gone by the afternoon.


Day 93

Begonias under the grow lights - one month to go before they can be planted outside.

There is a train on the horizon today.


Day 92

This sparrow seems to be staking his claim on the birdhouse.

It is nice to see so many birds (crows and robins).


Day 91

It always amazes me how quickly the tulips pop out when the snow melts.


Day 90

+14℃ forecast for tomorrow, should bring some big changes.


Day 89

The sunlight made the branches of the dogwood bush glow this morning.

My oldest son took me for a ride on the quad today - it was lovely to be out in warmer weather.

One more week and I think the snow will be gone!


Day 88

Slowly, but surely!
It looks like the shed is surrounded by a moat (the water drains to the back of the yard).


Day 87

We drive by these beautiful sculptures on the way back from my parents.


Day 86

There are thin layers of ice all over the yard.
The Juncos hope in and out of the holes looking for food, but I couldn't get a good picture.


Day 85

The thaw has come to a standstill - the temperatures are well below normal, -15℃ tonight.


Day 84

Little round Juncos waiting for food.


Day 83

Our home - April 2014.

Some snow pictures - 

 The Big Thaw.
We are expecting a record breaking night - 
the coldest temperatures for this day in 120 years of recorded history! 
-17℃ forecast without the windchill.


Day 82

The snow looked like plastic.

Nice and sunny today, but cold.


Day 81

The birds were hopping!

A little setback in the big thaw.


Day 80

More birds are back for the summer - 

With all the Juncos around, the ground looks like it is moving - they move around so fast.

Still melting!


Day 79

The snowbank behind my car was much taller than the car, today I can see my son walking from school when I pick him up.


Day 78

The Juncos are back - we only see these in the spring and fall, when they pass through.

Lots of melting today - the temperature was +10℃!

This was a parking lot that we went by - still lots of dirty snow.


Day 77

The robins are back from their winter vacation to warmer climates. 
It was nice to hear them singing this morning.

The Big Thaw