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Day 38

WooHoo!! It's finished!
Lots more pictures and details here.


Day 37

Frost on the screen door glass this morning, with the sunrise behind.


Day 36

High winds again today (wind-chill warnings for tonight, -45C!).


Day 35

This bird feeder hangs well above the ground, soon the partridges will be able to eat right out of it (early this morning).


Day 34

the largest drift, over the vegetable garden

sparkly snow

the birdhouse is well over my head in summer
Three pictures today, because I got all dressed up and went outside to take lots of pictures (I have never seen this much snow here and wanted a record). Back to -30C temperatures (-40C windchill). The snow drifts are hard packed - I walked on top and barely left a mark.


Day 33

A little visitor to the composter this evening.


Day 32

All finished! 

The pattern is 'Sweet Dreams' by Boo Knits on Ravelry


Day 31

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg (set to open in Sept. 2014). I am looking forward to the opening.

I am beginning to think this photo journal should have been called
 snapshots from the window! This time the car. Back to -30C temperatures, high winds.

This afternoon's drive to pick up my son from school.
I am glad I wasn't driving.


Day 30

A flock of grey partridges ran for shelter when I tried photographing
 them at the bird feeder outside the window.


Day 29

Waiting at the dentist - check-up and cleaning for the everyone.


Day 28

Hoarfrost on everything this morning,

it made the snow sparkle like diamonds too.


Day 27

Lots more than one photo today, but today was a holiday and temperatures were around freezing, plus there was a fresh snowfall last night, so it was a great day to all spend some time outdoors!

Shovelling and ploughing of course.

Then time for fun (the roads hadn't been ploughed yet).

 I made a snow angel. 
I was hoping, because of the warm temperatures, to make a snowman, but the snow was still too dry (it is rare that we have sticky snow to make snowballs).

My son tobogganing (in the industrial park). 

I even tried driving the quad.

After the fun!


Day 26

I finished the second background today!


Day 25

I am trying knitting with beads for the first time - it is much easier than I thought it would be.


Day 24

Our home - February 14th, 2014.
I thought I would try to take a picture once a month, to see the differences throughout the year.


Day 23

Another storm overnight. Shovelling seems to be coming my daily exercise.

Day 22

The ombré spinning worked - I started knitting a shawl with it.

Thanks for the congratulations! We had lunch reservations for a revolving restaurant in downtown Winnipeg yesterday, but with whiteout conditions we cancelled. 
This was our drive into Winnipeg yesterday-


Day 21

25 years ago today! Wow, time has gone by fast.


Day 20

All the feathers are quilted on my whole cloth quilt 
(it is an anniversary quilt and will be over 90" square -
 wool batting and double wide cotton fabric).


Day 19

Spinning today - I am hoping to create ombre yarn (there is dark purple to light purple to yellow under the blue).


Day 18

My son dug a cave in one of the snow drifts  - those are the soles of his boots (he only went in because I was out there too - it can be dangerous. I was glad when he came out).


Day 17

I watched an airplane cut through the clouds, but didn't get my camera in time to take a picture of the plane, just the trail left behind.


Day 16

I spent a few hours quilting, and watching (really listening to) movies - life is good!


Day 15

I thought the long shadows at noon today were interesting in the backyard.


Day 14

Customer Appreciation day at the grocery store today - our big shop for the month.

Day 13

I did some more quilting, and marking for the feather border.

Day 12

My son took me for a ride on the quad - this is our shadow on a snow bank.


Day 11

I was hoping to quilt the centre feathered wreath 
on the whole cloth quilt today, and I did!