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Day 69

A little visitor stopped by for a snack.
-20C today, we were supposed to get more snow, but just got the high winds of a passing storm.


Day 68

Patches of garden and grass showing!


Day 67

It is so hard to tell the scale of this snow dump, but we can see it from our town 5km down the road. There are large power lines in front of it on the right in the photo. 
The snow is dark in places because it has been melting, where it is white they have been adding fresh snow. 
To us this 'mountain' has been fascinating to watch grow - we live on the flat prairies.


Day 66

Lovely afternoon at a quilt show! 
The quilts were amazing, plus I saw lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while.


Day 64

A Book Fair is happening at my volunteer job.


Day 63

My favourite visitor at the back door.


Day 61

It might not be pretty, but I am thrilled to see the dirty snow this spring. 
Not much melting these days because it is too cold, but the sunshine is lovely.


Day 60

These partridges were funny as they were reaching down the edge of the snow bank for seeds.


Day 59

I thought the snow whipping over the median on the way home was interesting. The storm wasn't as bad as forecast, we didn't get any more snow, just high winds and cold temperatures.


Day 58

First day of Spring! I started some cuttings and seeds for the summer.

The vegetable garden might be under that 6' snow drift, 
but in two months it will be ready for planting!

Ann asked a couple of questions last post-
Our homes stay warm because they are very well insulated, plus we have triple pane windows (helpful in the summer time when it is so hot). Our furnace is natural gas, forced air. It is very dry here, so it really doesn't seem as cold as other places I have been.
The summers are lovely; temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's (Celsius), and this is one of the sunniest places in Canada (that is why it is so cold too, no insulating clouds). It is sunny in the above picture , but it was foggy this morning, which is rare, everything was covered in hoarfrost, which was beautiful.
We really don't have much of a spring (or fall) here, once it starts warming up the snow will be gone pretty fast. Not in the near future though, we are expecting another storm tomorrow - 70km/hr winds, snow and wind chills of -30C! But at least it is Spring!


Day 57

I thought these partridge tracks made an interesting pattern.
The tracks look different now that the snow is slowly melting - the tracks are raised.

There are lots more tracks in another part of the yard.

Today is the last day of winter!
Phyllis  asked me if it was normal here to have so much snow. This year has been a record breaking winter! We have had more than double the amount of snow than normal; it has been the second coldest winter in 100 years; the frost has gone twice as far into the ground as normal (lots of freezing pipes and no water for hundreds of homes in the city). Time wise for winter, this is normal though - the snow really doesn't start to melt until the end of March, beginning of April.


Day 56

My son got stuck in the soft snow. 
After taking his picture, and telling him he had made my blog, I did go and help him.
The softer snow is a good sign that winter is almost over!


Day 55

Right in the centre of the picture is the first Canada Goose I have seen this year (the picture was taken from the car). Seems a little early, I hope he/she survives and finds food, but maybe a good sign that spring is coming.


Day 53

Our home - March 2014
This morning it was -25C!


Day 52

For the next few weeks we are all the same age (photo from 1968).


Day 51

Melting snow!
Back down to below temperatures tonight, and more snow, 
but at least there was a day above zero.


Day 50

Another sure sign that spring is near - they have started 
clearing out the snow from the drainage ditches! 
This is the one behind our home.


Day 49

A few different groups of partridges put on quite a show this morning - there was lots of squawking, strutting, feathers flying, running....

The one in front got into the action too.

A sure sign of spring!


Day 48

There was an interesting sky this morning.

A pair of partridges were eating right out of the bird feeder (normally about 4' above the ground).
They are their regular shape now because it is warmer - just above freezing,
(they puff out their feathers to keep warm when it is cold).

Melting!! Another sign of warm weather!


Day 47

A sewing weekend - I finished piecing a BOM quilt top today.


Day 46

We went to a garden centre to pick up seeds for the summer, and this was the display for March (in like a lion).

The snow was so sparkly this morning.

This is what became of the wool I spun. My son asked why I had knitting on the teapot.


Day 45

14cm of snow last night, light and fluffy at least.

She seemed to just be enjoying the sunshine this morning.
The partridge flocks seemed to have divided into smaller groups - a good sign that spring is coming.

This is what became of the fibre I dyed yesterday 
(the top two, the bottom is natural).


Day 44

I did some dyeing today,

and shovelling snow from yesterday's storm.

Tonight it is snowing again, so I guess more shovelling tomorrow!


Day 43

When will it end!!
I drove this time! This was the worst drive this winter for me, at times white out conditions.
My son took the picture (I love the Canadian flag on the left side).


Day 42

Mother Nature makes the best colour combinations. This is the sunrise this morning.

The frost on the screen door was like birds.


Day 41

After a month of quilting, it was time for more than a quick clean!

This large bird sat in the tree for quite a while this afternoon. 
We thought that it might be a young  eagle.


Day 40

Even though it is cold, it is so nice that the days are longer (after 6 and the sun is still up).


Day 39

Woke up this morning to -50C windchill!!! 
Crazy for this time of year. We are setting records for cold and snow this winter!