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Day 130

I love a good sunset.

My last sunset picture was just over a week ago and there were no leaves on the trees! Wow!


Day 128

A pair of tree swallows checking out one of the bird houses.


Day 127

This is the first time that I have planted annuals when the tulips are just starting to bloom (because of the late spring).


Day 124

The leaves have come out over the weekend!

Maple (not the syrup or Canadian flag kind, that's out east).



Day 123

We had a huge thunderstorm today - above 30℃ (mid 80's℉) temperatures for 2 days, so it was bound to happen.
At the beginning of the week there was freezing temperatures and now summer has arrived!
Hopefully it is here to stay.

There was a double rainbow after the storm.


Day 122

Last night - almost 10pm and still light.
The leaves are just starting to come out.


Day 120

All the plants came in for the night - just in case it freezes.


Day 118

A good day of rain. Maybe May showers will bring June flowers!


Day 117

Time for barbecuing! First time this year.


Day 116

First blooms of the year! Forsythia.


Day 115

I hung the laundry out to dry for the first time this year.


Day 113

I thought that my photo of the day would be the fact that we had snow this morning, 
but this happened at noon -

The shed for the baseball diamonds behind our home was on fire!

This was later in the day.
Word on the street is that it was an electrical fire.


Day 112

We'll be eating rhubarb in no time!


Day 111

I am knitting mittens with the yarn I spun last week.


Day 110

I thought this cloud looked interesting.


Day 109

Another beautiful day for 'spring clean-up' - the lawn this time.


Day 108



I cleaned up all the flower beds ready for planting.
Lots of plants show no signs of life - I am hoping it is because it is still unusually cold, and not because they didn't survive the harsh winter.


Day 107

I assume this is the same sparrow from Day 92 - he has been there the whole time.


Day 106

I finished the quilt top and knitting a scarf, so I started something new - a spinning project with fibre that I dyed.


Day 105

Today all the snow tires came off the cars and were replaced with the summer tires!


Day 104

The last of the snow this morning.

By this afternoon - whoo-hoo! It's finally all gone!

This is a flock of swans that flew by this evening - the first flock I have seen this year.


Day 103

Today our oldest son is 23 - my husband made the cake - strawberry black forest cake -it was delicious.

The last of the snow was spread around to speed melting.
There is baseball practice going on in the field.


Day 102

These blocks are becoming this - 


Day 101

These tulips came up since yesterday (that section of the garden has a lot of rocks!).

That's what +15℃ does!