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Day 313

My oldest son hard at work clearing snow.


Day 312

The partridges are back for the winter.


Day 311

A colder, and snowier walk than we thought it was going to be.
Trying out selfies!


Day 310

Beautiful sunrise on the way to school this morning.


Day 309

It is the book fair this week where I volunteer - this is one of the highlights of the year for me because I get to see all the children, and how much they have changed and grown.


Day 308

Our furnace quite working again last night, luckily it was only -12℃.
All fixed now, with more modifications and parts replaced (it doesn't like the cold and breaks down every year - even though it is only 5 years old - not made for our climate!). -30℃ temperatures forecasted.


Day 305

I had forgotten to show the scarf I wove last week.


Day 304

They have put up the Christmas lights in our town.


Day 303

Having fun playing a new video game together.


Day 302

More snow this morning, then sun and high winds later.

He was happy to clear the driveway.

I thought the little balls of snow rolling in to the ditch looked interesting.

The drifts are really starting to grow, and it is only the middle of November!


Day 301

Inspired by Vickie's photo yesterday, I tried to take a picture of the falling snow tonight (this was with a long exposure).

More sparkly snow!


Day 299

Lots of snow = lots of fun!

We also saw LOTS of geese heading south.

Lots of big flakes.

Then lots of wind.


Day 297

Clasp weft weaving with some alpaca/merino I spun last weekend.


Day 296

Sparkly snow on the deck this morning.


Day 295

A bald eagle flying over the house - a very rare sight.


Day 293

Our little visitor has the most beautiful fur - soft and shiny.
We were surprised to see him because it is getting cold, and we didn't think we would see him until the spring.


Day 292

You can tell that it is cold because the snow isn't melting right away.
 Which is good because it is not icy then.


Day 290

Heading south! 
Hopefully it doesn't mean that winter is too near.


Day 289

Thank goodness for Pinterest!
Part of my volunteer job is decorating the bulletin board - November is Peace Month.


Day 288

Into November, and the farmers are still working in the fields.
The fields behind our home.


Day 287

One of my oldest son's first words was "Bobcat" - this year he is thrilled to be driving one.
We had to go see him at work.


Day 286

We had an un-welcomed guest in the garage.


Day 285

I was trying to Skype with a friend, and both computers decided it was time for some kind of scan.


Day 284

The retreat where I taught this weekend was held at a beautiful location!
The ladies were lovely and I had a wonderful time!!