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Day 180

We went to the local zoo today.

The reason for going was that a new exhibit opened recently - 'Journey to Churchill' (a city in the northern part of our province, in the Arctic).

This Arctic Fox seemed to be just trying to find a way to escape (the wolves already dug into the Polar Bear exhibit!).

We only saw one Polar Bear (there are three altogether). The new exhibit has beautiful, large pools of water, with tunnels for people to walk through, and we were hoping to see the Polar Bears swimming, hopefully next time (here is link for a news site with videos).

A close view (he was waiting for a treat).

Musk Ox on the hill.

This seal was swimming upside down in one of the pools. There were originally with the polar bears, but were scared of them!

Of course there were lots of Canada geese around.

Lots more animals in other parts of the zoo -

a sloth

box of snakes

bison, with an unusual white bison

This cougar was stalking a young child.

It was a lovely way to spend the morning with my family!