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Day 58

First day of Spring! I started some cuttings and seeds for the summer.

The vegetable garden might be under that 6' snow drift, 
but in two months it will be ready for planting!

Ann asked a couple of questions last post-
Our homes stay warm because they are very well insulated, plus we have triple pane windows (helpful in the summer time when it is so hot). Our furnace is natural gas, forced air. It is very dry here, so it really doesn't seem as cold as other places I have been.
The summers are lovely; temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's (Celsius), and this is one of the sunniest places in Canada (that is why it is so cold too, no insulating clouds). It is sunny in the above picture , but it was foggy this morning, which is rare, everything was covered in hoarfrost, which was beautiful.
We really don't have much of a spring (or fall) here, once it starts warming up the snow will be gone pretty fast. Not in the near future though, we are expecting another storm tomorrow - 70km/hr winds, snow and wind chills of -30C! But at least it is Spring!