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Day 7

Another beautiful sunny day. The shadows this afternoon were interesting.

Well it has been a week of snapshots - all of snow! Winter is so domineering here, that I wanted to document it.

Lucy asked me some wonderful questions yesterday and I though I would add some more snapshots and answer some questions.
We live outside a large city and weekdays I drive my youngest son into the city for school, so today I asked him to take some pictures on the drive -

The highway is usually pretty good (early morning photos).

Inside the city is different. This is a major road,

and this is a residential road (where his school is). The roads are a sheet of ice because of all the snow we have been getting this winter (usually the ice has time to evaporate). Luckily the roads are usually well sanded (it is too cold for salt). I really don't enjoy this part of the drive, but everyone usually goes slow and leaves lots of room. So many cars seem to have smashed fronts, so maybe not always enough stopping room. I have never seen such high snow banks here either - it is really hard to see cars when I come out onto this road.

The city trucks the snow to snow dumps because there is no room for it. This is one of the snow dumps  that we pass - you can see the truck full of snow that is heading that way - we see them constantly on the highway now.

Higher than every (the domes are the water treatment plant). I am sure this won't melt until August.

Apparently we have had already double the amount of snow that we get in a normal winter, and we still have about 2 more months to go! It usually starts melting at the end of March, but last year it was the middle of April.

The city used to be the worlds coldest major city, but a city in Mongolia grew and now it holds that record. Although it is very cold here in the winter, the summers are wonderful (regularly 25-30C), plus this area of Canada gets the most days of sunshine.

A little bit about winters on the Canadian Prairies!